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Doing Days

The thing about long-distance friendships is that you often can’t picture your friend in her daily routine. Visits come at holidays or special events and the daily routine is replaced with vacation mode. But the way to really grow close to a friend is to enter into her life–side by side.July2006

My closest friend, Rebekah, was able to come spend last week with us. And we spent the time doing days–normal, everyday routine things made special because we were living life together. Digital CameraOf course, we also talked each other’s ears off. It was great!July2005

Cooper met Rebekah for the first time, and both Silas and Cooper loved “Aunt Bekah.” July2003Silas was thrilled that Aunt Bekah would pretend to be Mr. Incredible with him. Another favorite was dressing up Silas’s magnetic doll, Jack, in his various sport uniforms and cheering for him as he played basketball, hockey, football, etc. So cute to hear them cheering, “Let’s go! Let’s go! L-E-T-S-G-O!” and singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame.

Rebekah jumped right into our daily routine in helping with chores and caring for the boys.July2004 The best part, though, was being able to really catch up with her and hear her heart. There’s only so much of a person that can be known through phone calls, texts, emails and cards. Being able to spend an entire week together reminded me how very blessed I am to call her my friend. I’ve known Rebekah since college, so we’ve seen each other change and grow, and I’m always edified by her humble heart that constantly clings to God.

We filled our week with a belated birthday celebration for Rebekah,Digital Camera a morning at the splash pad to cool off from the summer heat, July2002July2001a meal delivery to a sick friend, a mini shopping trip and lunch date,Digital CameraDigital Camera a taste of the wild West at Goldfield Ghost Town, Digital CameraDigital CameraJuly2007Digital Cameraand a picnic at the duck pond.Digital CameraJuly2009

Too bad that goodbyes always seem to follow the best of times.

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