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Blub, Blub, Blub

Swimming lessons–how classically summer! We signed up for swim lessons with our friends, Eden and Melissa, for the month of July. After looking at lessons in a private home swimming pool and lessons offered by the YMCA, I finally found Aqua-Tots, and we’ve loved it!July1003

Aqua-Tots provides summer swim lessons in outdoor satellite locations. Ours was at the Palm Valley Community Center, just 15 minutes away. They offer several different time slots and schedules, so we registered for Tuesday/Thursday evenings. I’ve loved cooling off in the pool after a very long, very hot desert summer day.July1002

On our way to the first swim lesson, Silas was distressed that he didn’t know where we were going. I wasn’t really listening to his chatter, until he finally said, “Talk to me!” (something I’m often telling him). He was satisfied once he knew that we were headed to “Palm Valley”–not that it meant much to him; he was just happy to know the destination.

I was shocked at how much Silas loved the pool! We’ve been in other pools where he whimpered the whole time and didn’t want to play. I’m sure it made all the difference in the world that his feet could touch the bottom. Now it’s hard to coax him out of the pool.

Since our friends are moving to another part of the Valley this weekend, it has been extra special to spend regular time with Eden and her mommy, Melissa. We’ll miss living five minutes apart!July1004

The kids have learned to blow bubbles in the water, kick their legs, lay on their backs (with Mommy’s support), safely exit the pool, “monkey walk” with their hands gripping the sides of the pool, and just relax and get comfortable in the water.

Happy swimming!

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