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The Wilderness Explorer

“Adventure is out there!” That seems to be Cooper’s motto now that he’s mobile.July3001July3004

He amazes us. Just two-and-a-half weeks after learning the army crawl, he pulled himself to a standing position. July3005Now he’s crawling on all fours and exploring his world–much to his delight. I love hearing the pit-pat of his crawl and seeing his round, cherub head peek around the corner.July3009

At eight months, Cooper is eating his first solids–yogurt bites and banana. He has four teeth and a very healthy appetite. July3010Baby is so strong and so tall. With the added motivation of wanting to be with big brother, I’m sure Cooper will be an early walker. He entertains himself by holding on to furniture and bending his knees to bounce up and down.July3016

Cooper has so many different expressions and little faces. He can be smug, coy, mischievous, conspiratorial, thrilled, intent, adoring, concerned. July3012July3013July3014Stephen has decided that he and Cooper should start the first chapter of the Mutual Admiration Society. Sometimes Cooper just smiles and stares at Stephen during supper, craning his neck to see Daddy.July3007July3008

You’re 8 months old, little explorer!July3002July3006

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  1. He’s so cute and precious, I can’t believe he’s 8 month’s already. Where does the time fly.

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