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The Merry, Merry Month of May

This month I celebrated my first Mother’s Day with two boys.May12006

Cooper is putting everything in his mouth these days, and Silas is happy to help him.May13001

Silas is in love with forts (or garages, houses or tents as he calls them).May12012Spiderman is also his current favorite superhero.May12007

There’s nothing quite like a baby’s laugh. Cooper is incredibly ticklish. It’s so much fun to hear the room ring with his giggles!

The other day, we got a package on our doorstep. We changed it into a car, but Silas begged for us to imagine it was a ship. So, both boys took a ride on the ocean for a bit.May12013

Ben is one of Silas’s favorite friends. They got in a little reading during church nursery last week.


Last Sunday we took a family mystery drive and found ourselves having an impromptu picnic at a park in Maricopa, AZ.May12009May12011

Memorial Day was filled with flags, flowers, and families at the National Military Cemetery of Arizona. A poignant reminder of the cost of our freedom.May12001May12002


Life is an adventure! May12003We’ll keep learning and growing together.5May 054a

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