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Cooper 0.5

Happy half birthday to Cooper! 6May 054aOur little man turned six months old yesterday. He’s such a tall baby and very strong too. Man, he’s got a grip! His little fingers curl so tightly around my hair, my neck, my shirt. Once he has Mommy, he does everything he can to make sure he doesn’t let me go. I can’t stop kissing this little bowling ball of a baby.May11003

Cooper is doing well at sitting. He still topples over all the time, but I’m guessing that by next month he will have mastered sitting and started to crawl. He twists, turns, rolls, and kicks his way into becoming mobile. Pretty soon he’ll have the army crawl figured out.May11010

He loves to grasp toys and chew on everything. Banging the table, the ottoman, or the dashboard is a lot of fun too! When Cooper gets excited, he starts running “air miles”, kicking his legs with vigor. Sometimes he just looks at us so matter-of-factly. May11004He squeals, coos, and makes dragon noises too. Baby laughs are the best, and Cooper is so ticklish on his chest and underarms. I love making him laugh!May11005

Baby is now eating oatmeal and veggies and fruit. Surprisingly enough, he seems to really like green beans. His face was so funny when I fed him peaches since they were a little sour.May11013May11008

We’ve now graduated him up from his baby bathtub to taking baths in the sink. He likes to splash the water, and doesn’t seem to mind baths at all.May11012

Last night we sang “Happy Half Birthday to Cooper” and celebrated with a half-used candle in half a cookie. May11006Silas was kind enough to blow the candle out for Cooper, and then we ate half a cookie each.May11007 Cooper tried two little cookie crumbs, but it will be a while yet before he can have his own cookie.May11014

What a gift this little guy is! So thankful for God’s gift to us in Cooper.May11011

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