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A Little Boy Airplane Room

Introducing Silas’s big boy room…AirplaneRoom0011AirplaneRoom0003AirplaneRoom0010Silas was so excited to move to his toddler bed that he was dancing around his new bedroom that first night. We switched him from the crib to the toddler bed after Christmas, and he’s been loving his new space ever since.AirplaneRoom0015

For Silas’s airplane room, I was inspired by this room found via Apartment Therapy, and I used the color scheme of gray, white, black and orange. I still want to purchase a chair for Silas’s nightly story time, but for now, the brown rocker from the nursery is standing in.AirplaneRoom0014 Since the chair purchase may be a long time in coming, I thought I’d go ahead and post pictures of the room.

Jon and Stephen started painting the room back in August, and it’s been a long process getting the room finished. I chose a very light gray (On the Rocks by Sherwin-Williams). His room doesn’t get much natural light, so a light color keeps the room from being too dark and cave-like. Stephen and I found this sleek black and silver ceiling fan at Lowe’s. AirplaneRoom0018I had never seen a ceiling fan with track-style lighting, but it looked aeronautic to us, and it adds character to the room.

The gray and white chevron curtains were a project of mine last year. AirplaneRoom0006I made them the same way I did the family room curtains, and they turned out just as I had hoped. The curtain rod was one I had from our Indiana Cottage, with Target curtain rings added. We cheated the curtain placement a bit to make the window seem wider than it is. The right panel just barely covers the edge of the window, but the rest is hanging in front of the wall.

A friend gave us the toddler bed, and Stephen painted it black. We found the white Ethan Allen mirror and dresser set on Craigslist. AirplaneRoom0001Right now, the top of the dresser serves as a changing station for Silas, but since we’re working on potty training at the moment, we can hopefully put the changing pad away soon. The silver train bank–engraved with Silas’s name–was a gift from Stephanie and Jason as a thank you for his being the ring bearer at their wedding last October. The baby picture of Silas was taken when he was just one week old. To think of how much he’s changed, learned, and grown since then!AirplaneRoom0012

The little black airplane hook and orange propeller coat rack were also gifts from a friend (both spray painted by us to match the color palette). They are perfect! It’s nice having a convenient place for Silas’s bag–right at his level. AirplaneRoom0002AirplaneRoom20002I fell in love with the silver airplane in Ross one day and brought it home so excited! Silas’s birth facts are a DIY version of this Etsy artist’s creation. The picture of Bitty Boy (and the one in the black frame near the window) was taken by my talented cousin Laura at our Maternity/Family photo shoot last October. (Btw, Laura and her husband Chuck are now expecting their first baby, so soon she can have her own maternity pictures taken!)

Near the window, above Silas’s Ikea chair, are two clipboards which proudly display Silas’s art.AirplaneRoom0008 AirplaneRoom20001I love having an easy way to display his ever changing creations. Clifford, Scout, and Silas’s other furry friends found a home in the orange crate by his bed.AirplaneRoom0007

The “S” from his nursery is perched above his door. AirplaneRoom0019The word “S-O-A-R” above the airplane art ties in with the airplane theme, but I also like the idea of encouraging Silas to find his wings and not just to fly, but to soar. AirplaneRoom0005

The airplane art was a fun project to do together with Stephen. As an airplane lover himself, Stephen had opinions as to what plane we should draw and how it should look. I was glad for his expertise since I am pretty clueless when it comes to aircraft. We used a picture from a book and created a line drawing from that. Then we projected the image onto the canvas and traced it with pencil and then with a white paint pen. The finished product turned out fabulous! There’s something special about creating your own art (even if it was traced).

Of course, no little boy room would be complete with out a little boy,and Silas Clark is the resident cutie who fits the bill.AirplaneRoom0016

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