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Uncles are Awesome!

At least Silas seems to think so. And who can blame him after the fun times he and Uncle Jon had this past weekend? Stephen’s brother, Jon, flew in late Thursday night, so Silas awoke to a surprise the next morning.

Jon was so good about playing with Silas and teaching him things. They were able to walk to the park twice since the weather was a little cooler. I haven’t taken Silas to our playground in months, so I know he loved it! Jon was sure to point out all the trucks, puppies, and airplanes they saw during their outings.

Uncle and Nephew spent time playing in the pool and sandbox. They even built a fort out of  cushions in the family room. Aunt Amy sent washcloths that “grew” in the bathtub and a cute little t-shirt. Before Jon left, he bought Silas a giant dinosaur coloring book and crayons, but the favorite gift of all was a brand new Radio Flyer tricycle! Silas could hardly contain his excitement! He still needs to learn to pedal, but that doesn’t stop him from playing with it.

During Jon’s visit, he and Stephen were able to rearrange our furniture to help make room for the new baby. The plan is to put the baby in the nursery, and convert our office into Silas’s big boy room. The desk and bookcase came to live in our bedroom (along with our elliptical, bassinet, rocker, and bedroom furniture–so glad the master bedroom is huge!). Thankfully they were able to fit the beast of a filing cabinet in the garage.

After everything was removed from the office, and the spackling had been started, I taped the entire room and put plastic over the window and carpet. Since we’re amateurs, I wasn’t taking any chances! Then Jon and Stephen painted the primer while Silas and I made cookies.

I’m definitely wanting to paint the room gray, but I just need to decide between two gray choices. Hopefully soon we can paint the samples on the wall and make a decision.

We all had a great visit, but I’m sure Silas had the best time of us all!

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