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A Surprise Baby Sprinkle

When it comes to Moody babies, Rachel and Sylvia can’t seem to help themselves. Not only did they give a baby shower for me when I was expecting Silas, but just yesterday, they threw another shower (a sprinkle) for me now that TicTac is coming soon. What kind and generous friends God has given me!

Have you ever heard of a “baby sprinkle”? I came across the term in blogland when I was prepping for a friend’s baby shower last year. As explained here, it’s a small, intimate shower for a second or third child. What a cute, new term!

So, as I said, I walked into a surprise baby sprinkle at lunch yesterday. Rachel had invited us out to lunch with her family at Arriba’s Mexican Grill. Since we occasionally do lunch on Saturdays, and Arriba’s is one of their favorite spots, I really thought we were just doing a friendly lunch. I had even gone online and picked out what I was going to order for Silas and me to help save some decision time at the restaurant!

Stephen was taking his sweet time getting out the door. Usually it’s me who’s running late, so I jumped on the chance to tease him, saying things to Silas like, “Let’s go get in the car so when Daddy’s done primping, we can go.” Stephen was busy looking online at some used Impala for sale. {He still has a soft spot in his heart for Impalas. We miss that car!}

When we finally arrived–just a few minutes late–Rachel was waiting for us outside. This was not at all odd to me either. They’ll grab a table before we get there, and then meet us at the door. But after walking through the restaurant, spotting a group of my girl friends, and hearing them say, “Surprise!” I felt like I was in a daze. There were gifts, party favors, cupcakes, Mexican pizza, and lots of love from friends. It totally made my day!

Sylvia and Rachel gave me a huge basket filled with baby toiletries, adorable outfits, and some football themed pacifiers. Stacey gave the cutest animal pant suits. Not only that, but I also got wipes, diaper genie refills, and several packs of diapers. Most of the gals went in together to purchase a double stroller for the boys. I was so surprised and happy. It’s an amazing gift! The stroller has two seats, but the back seat is removable to give us the sit or stand option for Silas. A double stroller was the main thing I needed. Can’t believe I’m going to be a mommy of 2!

The baby sprinkle was so sweet because it made me feel very loved indeed. It also gave me a shot of excitement for this new little guy who will be joining us this winter. Although I was not at all expecting a second baby shower, I’m glad the baby has some new things of his own to celebrate his arrival!


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