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Send a Hug Across the Miles

With only one grandchild–and him living on the other side of the country–I’m sure it’s a little hard for my parents and Stephen’s parents to really feel like grandparents all the time. I like to send them things from Silas to remind them that there really is a cute little boy way out in Arizona that belongs to them. Besides that, we like to let them know that we love them and we’re thinking of them.

I found this adorable “Long Distance Hug” via Pinterest and thought it would be perfect for a Grandparents’ Day craft. Unfortunately, I was having a rough week, and didn’t get it made in time for September 9th, so the grandparents got a “just because” mailing a week late. I’m sure they didn’t mind.

First, Silas and I made several sets of his hand prints. Then, I cut them out and taped them to a ribbon. The ribbon was cut to the same length as Silas’s outstretched arms. Since this hug-in-the-mail needed a bit of explanation, I sent a heart-shaped card with each one. I also made sure to write Silas’s name and age on the back of each one, in case the grandparents are like me and save these little treasures.

Hugging you all the way from Arizona!!

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