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Bitty Boy Explores the Beloved Farm

Chuck and Laura now live in the farmhouse on Retaliation, Pop-pop’s farm. They graciously opened their home to Mom, Ruth Anna, and us when we drove to Maryland for Allison’s wedding. Although the house is set up differently, the farmhouse was still familiar and inviting. It was comforting to be back.

That Saturday was a clear day flooded with sunshine, so we took Silas out to explore. Uncle Calvin’s chicken houses were empty. For all of you who sit around wondering what the inside of an empty chicken house looks like, here ya’ go. Pop-pop was a John Deere farmer, but we happened upon this old International tractor behind the shed.We made sure to get a pic with the John Deere too. That’s more like it!

The trees, barren and vibrant, were poetic displays of God’s artistry.

2 thoughts on “Bitty Boy Explores the Beloved Farm

  1. Bring’s back alot of good memories seeing that house.Had alot of good time’s growing up there. I still miss them both.

  2. I love that place <3 It was so good to have you visit us and I am so glad you were comfortable here. It will ALWAYS be Poppop's house and you will ALWAYS be welcome here!!

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