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George Washington had his Mount Vernon, Thomas Jefferson had his Monticello, Andrew Jackson had his Hermitage, and Pop-pop has his

Can you believe that an unassuming man like my Pop-pop would own a farm named Retaliation? How is it that a place as beautiful and serene as this could be named Retaliation?



Actually, the name came with the farm when Pop-pop bought it at auction. I think it’s adorable since “Retaliation” and “Pop-pop” are two words that ordinarily don’t ever belong in the same sentence! For Christmas one year, as a joke, my parents gave Pop-pop a wooden sign with the farm’s name burned into it. Of course Pop-pop never did post the sign.


Thank you for praying for Pop-pop. Please continue. His biopsy report came back this week. The doctor thinks he has pancreatic cancer but was unable to say 100% for sure that it is cancer. Pop-pop continues to be weak and lose weight due to continued nausea. Last week he was hospitalized due to a fever but is now back at home. He and the family will be discussing treatment options. I know God will give wisdom, comfort and strength for the unknown path ahead. Mom-mom needs prayer too at this difficult time.


Next week is Thanksgiving, and I want to say a special thank you to my Aunt Debby. She lives across the road from Pop-pop, and her husband, Uncle Calvin (Pop-pop’s eldest), now farms Retaliation. Aunt Debby is the most committed daughter-in-law, and over and over again she dedicates herself to taking care of everybody in the family. Her abilities as a nurse and her compassion as a mom equip her for the job. Thank you, Aunt Debby, for so expertly caring for Pop-pop. I know you love him so much!

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