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Wild, Wonderful West Virginia

We didn’t have much time in WV after the wedding, but my sister Rebekah did show me around her classroom.

2November 336a

For the past few years she’s been teaching K4 & K5 and has cute stories to tell about it!

2November 340a

My friend, Becki, is a homeroom mom for Rebekah’s classroom since her son is in K5. Becki and I graduated from high school together. So cool to see her as a mom now!

2November 353a

Becki and I hadn’t seen each other in years, but we reconnected for a brief visit. She has three children, and her husband pastors a small church in Pennsylvania. Silas played with Becki’s kids while we tried to quickly catch up on each other’s lives.

Our flight home was long, but we sat with a friendly guy from Pittsburgh who is originally from Jerusalem. He enjoyed letting Silas look out his window as we sailed above the clouds.

2November 357a

2November 360a

Flying east to west takes longer since we were flying into the wind, and Silas was getting restless. The flight attendant blew up a latex glove like a balloon and gave it to Bitty Boy to keep him occupied. He even took Silas up to the front of the plane for a bit. What can I say? Silas makes friends easily.

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