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October Scenes

As the only baby in the church nursery, Silas has all the toys and books to himself. However, a friend of ours had her baby this week, and another friend is due this month, so Silas won’t be alone for long.Our Little Biped prefers walking to crawling now that he’s a bit more practiced. Sometimes I’m amazed that he manages to stay on his feet, but his balance is improving.
Instead of walking to a specific piece of furniture, he’s walking around the house and can even do a 180 turn without falling.

Although Silas still fits in the kitchen sink, he prefers to stand for his bath, so we’ve switched to baths in Mommy and Daddy’s tub.Baby blew kisses to me for the first time this week. This little guy has a tight hold on my heart.

1 thought on “October Scenes

  1. Silas is doing pretty good walking around now, I can’t wait till I see him at Allison’s wedding. It’s going to burst his bubble now that pretty soon he’s going have to share his toy’s with other children.( poor Silas).

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