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First Daddy’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to my Stephen Andrew–the sweetest daddy a baby could have! Silas gave Stephen a card written by his own hand (okay, he had some help from Mommy). It read, “You’re the best, Daddy! I love you. p.s. I’m writing with my left hand–just like you!” Stephen’s gift was a shutterfly photo book entitled Me & My Daddy.

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I’ve learned a lot about God’s relationship with us as our Father by watching Stephen parent Silas. What a good God we have to teach us about Himself through our earthly relationships of marriage, friendship, and parenthood. Stephen is the more compassionate of the two of us. He patiently stays by Silas’s crib and helps him drift off to sleep when Silas is struggling or sick. Stephen is thoughtful and deliberate about discipline, not willing to punish Baby out of frustration or a selfish desire to look like a good parent in others’ eyes. We have no desire to raise a little Pharisee who behaves to please people but whose heart is wayward. Silas is a gift, and we marvel at the privilege we have to be his Mommy and Daddy. We look in awe at this mini person that is part Moody and part Manka–the two of us in one itty bitty body.

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  1. I just saw what kind of father Stephen is? Almost wish that he was my father. If I didn’t have the father that I had.Both of you are great parent’s. Happy belated fathers day Stephen.

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