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Sick Boy at 7 Months

Silas (and Mommy & Daddy) are surviving our first baby fever and cold. After Silas’s fever subsided on Monday, the sneezing, coughing, red eyes, runny nose, and crankiness set in. It certainly seemed that he whimpered and cried constantly yesterday. Not only is he miserable, but I’m sure he’s confused as well.We were up for two hours in the middle of the night Tuesday, and last night–after he struggled with going to sleep for almost an hour–all three of us laid down on the nursery floor, Baby between Mommy and Daddy while the vaporizer puffed away. Stephen has discovered that Silas’s favorite lullaby is My Song is Love Unknown. We play this video version of it on Stephen’s phone to soothe Baby.

I thought I’d snap some pictures of the 7 month old dude this morning before I missed my chance. Our sitter is slowly becoming a crawler. I’ve caught him up on all fours a few times, and he’s been practicing his army crawl. He now has a third tooth making an appearance.

Silas’s arm is like a puppy dog’s tail; the harder he waves it up and down, the more excited he is! Stephen has dubbed him a “silly-filled donut.” Silas Clark gives the wettest baby kisses, but I melt when he reaches out to pull my face to his. Thank God for the gift of Silas.

3 thoughts on “Sick Boy at 7 Months

  1. In the third picture Silas really looks like a Manka !!! Study that profile:) Sorry to hear he is sick – praying for a good night rest for all of you. Love you!

  2. Yes I got to agree, Silas does have great taste in music. Hope he feels better. love you all.

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