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Yes, we finally did it. We finally visited Sedona. Ever since moving to Phoenix, our friends and acquaintances have been telling us how beautiful Sedona is and how we need to go visit sometime. Last Saturday we drove up to Sedona for Silas’s first family outing. It was even better since my mom was able to go with us.

The day was chilly and a bit overcast with the sun spotting through here and there. The drive was filled with barren desert landscapes full of Saguaro cacti–and then evergreens as we got to the higher elevations. I was excited to see trees with autumn leaves. Mostly we saw yellow leaves, but there were a few red trees and bushes too.

Traveling with an infant was a new experience to which we had to adjust. The extra stops for feeding him and changing him added time to our trip, but I was excited to have him “out” and to show him off. After driving through the village of Sedona, we explored a scenic loop road and then headed back into town for a bit of shopping. The red rocks were magnificent, especially in the sunlight. God has made some gorgeous formations! On our way back home we spotted some sun dogs in the sky. God’s creation is truly beautiful.

For supper, we decided to try a place with local flavor. Rock Springs Cafe specializes in pies, but their dinner menu boasts homey comfort food. It hit the spot!

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  1. Looks like you had a beautiful day! Allison and I visited Sedona when she was living in Phoenix and we both thought it was beautiful! (of course we visited in July when it was H-O-T!)

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