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Mom-mom Hilda to Mom to Me

Once upon a time when my mom was expecting my older sister Rebekah, Mom-mom Hilda was convinced that the baby was a boy. She even bought Mom a little boy Christmas outfit. Of course Mom didn’t have a boy that first time (as Rebekah was born), or the second time (me), or the third time (Charis), or the last time (Ruth Anna). After having four girls, Mom never got a chance to use the little boy outfit. But she has saved the outfit all these years, and gave it to me for Silas.

I have very few memories of my Mom-mom Hilda, but I know she loved me and I know she loved the Lord. The godly heritage I have in my Mom and my Mom-mom is of eternal worth. This little outfit is special because it connects me to Mom-mom in some small way.

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  1. I can also remember that when I had any test in school, for me to remember some of the answers on the test,since I didnt do well in some subjects and since mom was a school teacher she would drill the answers in my head as if I was in the army. And she would also write on little slips of paper all the answers to all questions and tape each one all over the house , even the bathroom ,that system must have worked because I always got a good grade on the test. I was so thankful the Lord gave me Godly parents who loved the Lord and served him everything they did and raised their chilren to serve and love as well. and I miss them both very much.

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