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Growing Our Love for You

Getting to know this little stranger who entered our lives, our hearts, and our home 16 days ago has been life-changing. While expecting, we longed to meet our little boy and to hold him and kiss him. Now that he’s here, we’re learning his faces, his noises, his preferences, his habits. What a cutie!

Silas has many facial expressions in his repertoire. There’s the One-eyed Pirate employed when trying to wake up. He also does a great Alien and Confused Insect. Another expression is dubbed Silas’s Winston Churchill when his chin and cheeks are bulldog-like. Stephen often puts voices to Silas’s faces, interpreting what he seems to be thinking. It’s our new form of entertainment.

This little guy steals our hearts every hour. After eating, he usually sneezes three times. I’m still not sure what triggers the sneezes, but it’s his habit nonetheless. I think Silas may be beginning to straighten out his nights and his days, but his schedule (or lack thereof ) is still unpredictable.

Caressing my baby’s rounded toes and feet is something to cherish. Sooner than I’d like to think, Silas’s feet will be flattened by walking, and I’ll miss this newborn stage. For now, I’ll rock him, sing to him, study him, talk with him, pray for him, and try to etch in my heart forever these fleeting happy baby days.

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