“Don’t Worry About Me, Webekah!”

becky&betsyI was Betsy. She was Becky. I was (still am) the mischievous one. She was the angel. We were toddlers snuggled in our beds. “Webekah, I won’t tell on you if you won’t tell on me,” I whispered to her across the room. It was more of a plea rather than a statement of fact. She didn’t answer. It really wasn’t much of a deal from her perspective. When would I ever have a chance to tell on her? (never) “I won’t tell on you if you won’t tell on me,” I whispered again with all the forcefulness my three year old body could muster.

“Okay,” she finally answered. Yay! I could finally get out of bed and sneak into the kitchen. I tiptoed towards the bedroom door. Just then Becky thought better of the pact we had just made. “Mom!” she started to call out.  And then it came–my nightly plea for her not to tell on me. “Don’t worry about me, Webekah! Don’t worry about me!” So many times we went through this bedtime ritual due to my insatiable curiosity and propensity for disobeying.rebekah

My big sister Rebekah now teaches K4 and K5 in WV. Today she passed out in class and was rushed to the ER. There in the hospital she had a seizure in front of my mom and the nurse (they think she had a seizure in her classroom too). It was a tough thing for my mom to watch. A CAT scan later showed a lesion on the back right part of her brain that may have caused the seizure. A lesion is an inflammation caused when Rebekah’s multiple sclerosis strips the protective coating off of her neurons. (Rebekah was diagnosed with MS ten years ago when she was 18.) The lesion will eventually heal on its own, but they are currently giving her steroids to speed up the healing process. The steroids predictably raised her sugar level, so she is also on insulin. In addition to that, they have put Rebekah on anti-seizure meds and have admitted her to ICU in order to watch her. Thankfully she is not in danger. She is slowly putting together the pieces of her day, but is still a little foggy on the details. She is very dizzy but is her sweet self. The nurse told her, “You’re the most pleasant sick person I’ve ever cared for.”  She’s been learning the nurses’ names and thanking them. That’s my Webekah!bec & me 2a

They did an MRI tonight which they can then compare to her previous MRI from three years ago. Hopefully that will enable them to determine the exact cause of the seizure. Thank you for praying for her and my family. It is hard to be so far away, but I find comfort in knowing God is always with her.

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  1. Thank you so much for praying! She is now home and is doing much better. She’s on one anti-seizure med and is coming off the steroids gradually. The next step is for her to see her neurologist in PA to discuss new MS medications.

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