It’s been a while

Since I haven’t posted in the last week I figure it’s about time to post a quick update on what’s been happening with my life. I don’t have internet access at my new place yet, so I’ve mostly had to go to my parents’ to get online. Needless to say, I’ve been feeling a little disconnected.

I left Easley with my moving van about 11:30 on Sunday morning. I had been planning to leave quite a bit earlier than that, but had more last minute details to attend to than I’d anticipated. The trip itself was fairly uneventful, and I got in to Anderson right at 10pm. Fortunately most of my family and several friends from church came to help me unload, so all of my stuff was in the house within 45 minutes and I was able to spend the night there. I wasn’t looking forward to unloading everything myself, so their help was really appreciated.

One advantage of moving back to your hometown is that there’s no shortage of help getting settled in. My family came over several other times through the week to help get stuff put away. I’ve also been working to get the house in order. There are still a lot of details to take care of, but most of the major things are out of the way.

I’ll be leaving early next week to help with details before the wedding and won’t be back until after the honeymoon. Up until the last couple of days the fact that I’m getting married soon still felt pretty abstract, but now that I’ve moved into our new house and will be leaving for WV in a few days it’s really starting to sink in.

Today is my 25th birthday, so we had a birthday party at my parents’ house tonight. Steak, potatoes, cake, and ice cream. So much for losing weight for the wedding. 🙂 Tomorrow I’ll be shopping for a bed, since that’s what my parents are buying us for a wedding present, and I’d like to get it moved in before I leave.

Well, that’s all for now. I don’t know if I’ll be posting again before I leave next Tuesday. If not you probably won’t hear from me again until we get back from the honeymoon, sometime after August 12th.

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