We’re here. We’re unboxed. unpacked. settled. Whew! It took us about a month to unpack all our boxes. One of the hardest things about unpacking is having to create places for things. Not only does it require organizing, but deciding where you’ll keep things and hoping that you won’t have to reorganize after you’re done.… Read More Settled

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This past Wednesday, I got word that I will be starting a new job (doing IT for a local logistics company) on January 11th.  The next day, Elisabeth got a call that she will be starting her job with the census on the same day.  What a difference two days makes! It makes for a… Read More Jobs!

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Making plans

Some of our moving plans are starting to come together.  We’ve decided we will be loading the moving truck on Monday, September 7th (Labor Day), when hopefully we’ll be able to get some help with the work.  We should be able to leave the following morning, and then spend 3 days or so driving out… Read More Making plans

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Update from CA

Right now we are at our last stop before heading home.  We’re staying with the Trues in Menifee, CA tonight, going to church at Grace Bible Church of Menifee tomorrow, then flying home late tomorrow night. It’s been a great trip—we can already see several neat ways the Lord has been leading us.  We have… Read More Update from CA