I’m back (finally)

Well, as I was finishing up my thesis back in July I looked ahead at the upcoming changes in my life and thought, “Wow. I’m going to be ridiculously busy all the way up until October.” As it turns out, it’s now October and I’m still as busy as ever, but things are starting to become a little more manageable and less hectic.

I’d like to offer my apologies to the few out there who have actually been checking for updates periodically in a futile attempt to keep track of what’s going on in my life. In my defense, I have been a lot busier than I’ve been in a long time. Plus, the longer I went without updating the more news piled up to be reported, which got to be quite daunting. Still, 2+ months is a long time, so I’ll try to keep so much news from piling up from now on.

I don’t think I’ll be able to fit everything that’s been going on lately into this one post (and I doubt anyone would read the whole thing if I did), so I’ll just hit the highlights of the last two months and hopefully fill in the details in the next few posts. Ready? Ok, here we go.

Shortly after my last post (!) I left for WV to help Elisabeth and her family get ready for the wedding. The wedding itself went great. It was really good to see many good friends and spend time with family, and the ceremony itself went really well. Obviously, marriage itself is terrific! We’ve especially enjoyed getting to spend “real life” together, something that was difficult to come by during most of our time dating.

For those of you wanting to see wedding pictures, I’ve attached a shot of the two of us. 3 CDs worth of digital shots arrived a couple of weeks ago, so I’m hoping to post highlights from those to the gallery soon.

For the honeymoon I took Elisabeth to the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York for 6 days. We stayed in a privately-owned cottage on a little farm in the mountains, and had a great time touring the mountains and surrounding area, taking day trips to Montreal and Vermont as well. The weather was beautiful and refreshingly cool for our time there, and the scenery far surpassed what I had expected.

Overall the honeymoon was definitely too short, but we headed back anyway and arrived at our new house here in Indiana on Saturday afternoon after staying overnight in Cleveland on Friday. Monday morning we began our new jobs at Indiana Christian Academy–Elisabeth is teaching 6th grade, while I’m teaching Senior High math and science–quite a switch for both of us from our positions last year. It’s been really enjoyable, but even more work than we realized. I’m finding that I enjoy teaching, although so far it’s been somewhat difficult to know how hard to push my students or what level of understanding to expect, especially since this is my first time to teach at this level. Elisabeth is enjoying her 6th graders, and my brother Ben is actually one of her 14 students.

Well, I think that’ll be all for now. I’ll try to post more details soon, especially about the wedding and honeymoon, and will definitely do a better job of keeping up with the site from now on.

The Lord’s grace has been especially abundant these past few months, and Elisabeth and I have been overwhelmed to see all the ways He’s worked in our lives in addition to the tremendous material blessings He has provided for us. Hopefully I’ll be able to share some of those details soon as well.

Wedding pic
Note: The post above was written back on October 12 but for some reason was accidentally marked private, so most of my readers would have been unable to see it until I corrected the error. My apologies. (11/12/06)

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