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Kindergarten and 2nd Grade

This past Monday was the first day of school for the boys.

Cooper sailed right into kindergarten as a happy, confident little man. We’re so very proud and happy for him! After dreading school all summer long, Cooper was surprisingly excited. Monday morning he was the first one downstairs for breakfast, so I read him the back-to-school book called First Day Jitters. He proudly informed me that he wasn’t nervous!

Stephen took the day off work, and it was lovely to have his support and calming presence. We’re seeking to make breakfast our family worship time during the school year since it’s a little easier for our routine, so Stephen led us in worship before packing up and taking pics.

Walking through the neighborhood–coffee mug in hand–greeting neighbors as they took their kids to school for the first day, made me feel like we were on Sesame Street. You know, that happy, friendly neighborhood feeling that comes from shared experiences and familiar faces? Nearly every parent walks their child into the classroom on the first day.

I had taken the boys out for our usual back-to-school shopping trip and photo booth pictures. It was fun to do two sets this year!

Target has a School Assist list that located our school and populated my cart with items from the grade levels’ supply lists specific to Bethany. It was fantastic! I did add/delete some items, {and saved 5% with my Target RedCard} but I’m definitely going the Target route next year. With all the clothes, backpacks, photo booth pics, and sporting goods needed for the fall, buying things online simplified part of the process.

The principal greeted us at the front door with high five’s for everyone. We took Silas to his classroom first. Silas approached school with the cool, confidence that this was not his first rodeo. He was very happy to be back in school with his friends and to see all the new things 2nd grade had to offer.

God was very gracious to give us both of the teachers we wanted. We have heard rave reviews about Silas’s teacher, and Cooper got the same teacher Silas had in K5.

Because Coop was excited, the drop-off to kindergarten was all smiles. He was thrilled to find his cubby, to sit at his spot at the table, and to strike up a conversation with the kids nearby! That could have gone much differently, but God is good to help Coop grow in his courage for new situations.

The after school de-briefing was pretty special too as I overheard Silas tell Cooper, “You’ll have even more fun on your second day!”

We love Bethany Elementary! Go Bobcats!

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  1. I especially love the photo booth pictures. So glad Coop was excited for school and had a smooth first day of kindergarten! So sweet of Silas to reassure him.

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