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Silas’ Indiana Adventure

Silas flew off to Hoosier-land this summer where my 7 year old boy transformed into a mature 12 year old in just one week. Time with family seems to do that–and it’s fun to watch.

Stephen dropped Silas off, and left him to bask in all the family time and attention.

Dad loves to golf and loves to paint, so he patiently taught Silas about both. Silas came home telling me how to choose paint colors accurately and naming golf clubs I’ve never heard of before. Grammy cooked him yummy food and took him shopping. Play time with cousins Brooklyn and Jameson was woven in too.

Dad Moody had purchased several acres backing up to their house a while back, and he recently bought a go-kart to go with it. He and Mom have been clearing the property, so now the Moodys have their very own go-kart racing track. Silas could not wait to get out there and drive! He absolutely loved it!

Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Jason fulfilled one of Silas’s long-held wishes by taking him to the Indiana State Fair.

Though we’ve been to the local county fair, Silas was convinced a state fair would be so much bigger and better. And from the story the pictures tell, he had the time of his life!

Jason said Silas rode all the rides by himself, and I’m sure it didn’t phase him a bit. Silas is our brave daredevil, so he’s always up for a new adventure.

After nine days away, our little man returned with Uncle Jon and Jon’s girlfriend, Alena. We stayed up late to welcome him home, and it was super cute when our three little peeps began dancing and singing together–so happy to be re-united. As a cuddly Silas recounted his adventures, Brynn gazed at him worshipfully, soaking up the return of Marco Polo from distant lands.

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  1. I just love his expression in every single photo! Especially his intense wanted poster look 🙂 What a fabulous experience and gift to spend extended time with family.

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