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Cooper’s Expedition

It was Cooper’s turn for a “man camping trip” with Daddy.

Cooper will enter kindergarten just one week from today, so Stephen took him on an expedition early this month to make memories, to provide space for good conversations, and to nudge him toward more grown up experiences. I’m thankful Stephen makes these bonding times with our kids a priority. Each child is a treasure.

Cooper counted down the days until his expedition months ahead of time. Stephen and Cooper packed up the car one Sunday afternoon and drove to Silver Falls, the same place Silas had his expedition.

They rented a cabin for two nights where Stephen cooked their meals over a small propane stove {no campfire, due to the Oregon burn ban this summer}. Cooper tried coffee for the first time, and though it had flavored creamer in it, he still wasn’t a fan.

Silver Falls State Park has ten waterfalls along an 8.7 mile loop hike, but the guys hiked to only the first two.

They played Uno in the cabin, kicked the soccer ball around, and visited the gift shop for some souvenirs to bring home. He came home with coolest and most compact survival kit I’ve seen.

On the way home, they stopped for pizza and miniature golf –Cooper’s favorite part of the trip!

It’s tugging on my heart to send this big-hearted, adorable Coop out the door to kindergarten next week, but I’m thankful for all the days and weeks and months and years that we’ve had at home together. We’ve worked through the alphabet and beginner math and reading lessons. Stephen and I have intentionally and patiently coached Cooper to become a problem-solver and to grow in courage when trying new things. {click picture to see video}

Mostly, Stephen and I try to soak in the cuteness that is The Coop.

He’ll jump right in with both feet as school and soccer begin. He’s ready–even if he doesn’t know it yet.

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