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Brynn Kathryn

She steals our hearts over and over again. This Brynn Kathryn.

She infuses a lot of new interests into our family. Ballerinas. Minnie Mouse. Hedgehogs. Princesses. Superheroes (thanks to having older brothers!). Old MacDonald’s Farm. Dancing. Singing. The color pink. Sparkly nail polish. Hello Kitty.

Climbing on the jungle gym. Hanging with “the brothers.” Snuggling with Mommy. Phones. Band-aids. These are some of Brynn’s favorites. Things that make her little world go ’round.

She sees crosses where I would overlook them. She’s sure to point them out to me and say, “A fross! Jesus died on the fross for our sins!” I pray her enthusiasm for Jesus grows into a life-time faith of treasuring Christ.

Brynn spent the morning playing with two friends from church, and we shared a pink lunch menu. Later that evening, after a supper with our neighbor friend, we opened presents. Then we sang “Happy Birthday” to our new three year old, and cut the pink Minnie Mouse cake.

In the past year, Brynn has grown 4 inches. She now stands at 3′ 2″, but her personality is much, much bigger! Stephen has noted many times how Silas and Cooper have drawn out fun aspects of Brynn’s personality that otherwise we may not have discovered.

Grandma and Grandpa gave our princess some tiaras, and of course, the pink one is the favorite.

Daddy took Brynn to the local toy store to pick out a birthday toy. She came home with Happy the Hedgehog, thanks in part to the birthday money from Aunt Rebekah.

The Floreses even sent Brynn presents all the way from Arizona! They have showered our kids with gifts and love, and it was tough to move away from our friends. They filled a box with adorable clothes and presents for “Baby Girl.”

While I’ve loved being a boy mom, this little girl has brought so much love, smiles, and snuggles into our lives. We are thankful for the gift of Brynn.


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