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In the Game

Silas’s baseball season is going strong. He’s on the team with last year’s coach and a lot of the same players too. Hanging out with friends during games and practices is a good bonding experience. The community we’re building with these friends is awesome.

Silas is doing coach pitch this year, so he’s learning more about how to swing properly.

The kids are also progressing on their catching and baseball strategy skills. It’s amazing that so many dads volunteer to help coach. Stephen’s been helping too, which is sweet to watch.

Silas thinks playing the catcher’s position is especially cool.

The coach awards one player the “Captain America” title after each game–it’s his version of MVP. Silas has been “Captain America” twice!

This year we were asked to participate in a fundraiser selling Jamba Juice coupon cards for the team. Ugh! However, the cards really were a great deal, so we bought one. A friend sold a couple extra and needed some of our cards to cover the high demand, so happily we were left with only one card to sell. Silas knocked on our next door neighbor’s door. These neighbors LOVE having small kids on the cul-de-sac. Before Silas could even explain what he was selling our neighbor said, “Yes!” He was all in on supporting Silas and his team. We love our neighbors. And our baseball community.

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