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Silas’s Sixth

Happy birthday, my Silas Clark!nov2008

This year Silas and I decorated his cake together. It was a team effort. nov2003Silas picked out the cake flavor and the frosting colors. Since he wanted a Transformer cake, I bought Optimus Prime and Megatron figures from the grocery bakery to stand atop the cake. While I won’t win any awards for my cake decorating skills, my little guy liked it, and that’s what counts!nov2014

Several days before the actual birthday, Stephen took Silas to toy store up the road to pick up a volcano-making and erupting kit. This kid has been intrigued by lava and volcanoes for a while, and now that we live near several volcanic mountains, his interest has grown into more of a scientific understanding of them. The kit was a great father/son activity.nov2001nov2002

On the birthday eve, I hung streamers at the foot of our stairs, and Stephen and I filled balloons which greeted Silas in his bedroom the next morning. Silas began his birthday with cards from far away family, and then took one of his favorite stories in to school for his teacher to read to the class.nov2005nov2006

After school, he was excited to show me his star sticker and the Go Fish game he picked from the birthday bucket at school. We marked his height on our growth ruler, and Silas is now 3 ft 8 in–up two inches from last year.nov2007

The big six year old got his very own game of Checkers. He was introduced to Checkers a few weeks ago, and since we didn’t own the game, he made his own checkerboard out of Lego, and we taught him to play. nov2013nov2010nov2009It was fun to see him open his presents, and Cooper and Brynn had a blast since they got some presents from our friends in Arizona.nov2011nov2012

Silas blew out his candles, and we devoured the birthday cake to finish off the night. We are thrilled at the young man Silas is becoming. We see concrete evidence of God’s working in his heart. nov2015nov2016nov2017Watching him grow is a delight.

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