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Progress Report

We’ve reached a whole new level of parenting. We attended our first parent/teacher conference last week.

Silas’s teacher reviewed his progress with us and showed us samples of his writing, his drawing, and his math. I’m happy to report that he’s reading sentences now! His writing is adorable, and also readable–if you know what you’re looking for in his creative spelling.nov1002 His teacher encourages him to color to the very edges of the paper when he draws, so his artwork looks more developed now.

I’ve loved reading with Silas for twenty minutes a day on a mostly consistent basis. It’s priceless to hear him sound out a word and then realize what word he’s reading. His brain is bursting with new ideas and skills. nov1001


1 thought on “Progress Report

  1. I’m super curious about how Paige is doing in school, but I try not to stress about it since she’s only 3–I don’t think they have parent teacher conferences quite yet!

    Looks like Silas is doing great! My favorite part of teaching was seeing a look of understanding suddenly dawn on their face. So awesome!

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