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“Fee an’ a Ha’f”

Today is Coop’s special day. Today he turns three and a half. We tend to make a big deal out of half birthdays around here. Tonight we took the kids to McDonald’s for Happy Meals and some Play Place action.May5002

Cooper is our big-hearted teddy bear. Our gentle giant. He loves his close friends and family, and is a big fan of his little sister. While Silas is our home-body, Cooper {surprisingly} runs to put on his shark flip-flops so he can accompany Mommy or Daddy on an errand.

However, coaxing the Coop to leave Mommy’s side can be a chore sometimes. He’s made great strides in the bravery department by attending children’s church, taking swimming lessons, trying new foods, and talking to new friends at the park.

Cooper is processing life more–especially with the help of big brother. It’s cute to overhear Silas instructing Cooper on the finer points of life. Coop seems to be absorbing truth about God, and loves to sing The Gospel Song. He adores Dusty Crophopper from the Planes movie, and shares his Grandma’s love for flashlights.May5001

Everybody needs a Coop.

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