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Winslow For Sale

Our house is on the market! This move to Portland got real in a hurry. The “For Sale” sign was posted in our front yard on a Tuesday, and the listing for our home went live that Thursday–now just 11 days ago. May4001

It’s been a lot of work, a lot of cleaning, a lot of herding little people out of the house for showings for potential buyers, and a lot of anticipation. You can view the beautifully done pictures of our home here.

Oregon, here we come!

1 thought on “Winslow For Sale

  1. I can’t imagine selling a home with 3 kids! When Chuck was selling his house when we were first married it was inconvenient enough to leave during showings–thinking about getting our house now cleaned and kids vacated during showings sounds intimidating! Praying for you!

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