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Remembering Grandma Myers

On November 1st, Stephen’s Grandma Mildred Myers went home to be with Jesus. She was 95 years old.Nov4011 Nov4008Stephen flew home to be with his family, support his mom, and attend Grandma’s funeral. He also got to be Uncle Stephen for the first time as he met Brooklyn, Stephanie & Jason’s baby girl.Nov4009

While I didn’t know Grandma Myers well, she had come to our wedding reception in Anderson, Indiana back in 2006. Nov4002I love this picture of her with Grandma Moody.Nov4003

Also, on Memorial Day in 2007, Stephen and I drove up to visit Grandma Myers at her home in northern Indiana. We picked her up and drove her to the cemetery in Terra Haute where her husband, Floyd Myers, was buried. Nov4013It was special to see Stephen caring for his grandma.Nov4004Nov4006Nov4007

My favorite Grandma Myers story that Stephen tells is when he or one of his siblings was riding in the car with Grandma at the wheel. She had cataracts, so she couldn’t see well at all. She ended up hitting someone’s mailbox and knocking it over. Grandma stopped the car, popped the trunk, shoved the damaged mailbox in her trunk and drove off! Problem solved! Mailbox? What mailbox?

While Stephen was away, Silas–the man of the house–took care of some of handyman jobs for me. Nov2022But we were all very excited to have Stephen return home (and get the presents he brought)!Nov4010

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  1. Solo parenting 3 kids?? Go Elisabeth! I’m so sorry about Stephen’s grandma’s passing but glad he was able to go be with family for a bit. Brynn looks excited about her John Deere onesie!

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