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Silas is 5

My firstborn is now 5 years old. Nov2010As an emotional mommy, I kind of wanted to feel sad because it’s what mommys do. But, Silas was so thrilled to be five that I couldn’t help but be excited and happy for him. He had a great 5th birthday!Nov3002

On the Saturday before his birthday, Silas and Stephen went to the hardware store to pick out Silas’s first set of real tools. They came home with a hammer, tape measure, wrench, screwdrivers, level, pliers, and a brand new kid-sized tool box. Nov2021Silas was such a little workin’ man when he showed me his tools. Stephen got a piece of scrap lumber out of the garage for him to use as practice for hammering nails and tightening screws. Silas even got an electric screwdriver.Nov2001

November 2nd started with me decorating our kitchen with Spiderman stuff. Nov2018Nov3001Spidey Silas measured 3 foot 6 inches on our growth chart. Nov2005Nov2006The Goodmans came by to give him their present of a book all about the human body. Silas has been interested in organs and skeletons and learning about our bodies. With all his grandparents far away, Silas was blessed to have a visit from his “adopted grandparents.”Nov2007

That afternoon, I made my first attempt at a decorated birthday cake and was reasonably happy with how it turned out. I used Wilton sugar sheets to cut out Spiderman’s eyes and to wrap the cake in a city skyline silhouette.Nov2008

After a supper of beef, pasta, and carrots (per Silas’s request) we opened presents and ate cake and ice cream. Nov2009Nov2004Mommy and Daddy bought him a toolbelt to go with his new toolset, and he also received $5, the game of Operation, and a Batman costume. Nov2011Nov2003The Snap Circuits from Grandma and Grandpa were an instant hit. Silas and Stephen built their first circuit right away. Nov2016Nov3003Grammy and Grampy gave him a children’s version of Pilgrim’s Progress, which he’s been really getting into when we read it before bed. We let Silas stay up late the night of his birthday, and he and Stephen built a fort out of the new Lincoln logs from Uncle Ben.Nov2017

The next day, Silas’s best friend and family came over to give Silas a Spiderman punching bag. The boys had a superhero battle in the back yard.Nov2020

The excitement didn’t end there since we hosted a birthday for Silas at Sundance Park in Buckeye this past Tuesday. I rented an Avenger bouncy house for him and invited his friends for a hot dog cookout. Nov2023The day was beautiful, but the wind was relentless. In spite of the wind and cold, the party was a success! Nov3004Stephen and Ruben grilled hot dogs over charcoal (a first for Stephen) while the kids jumped in the bouncy house and played on the playground. We ate supper, sang “Happy Birthday,” and ate cupcakes while trying to stay warm. Nov2024Nov2025It was too windy for candles and opening presents, but Silas loved the bouncy house and playing with his friends!Nov3005Nov2026

At home that night, he opened his presents to discover Legos, superhero puzzles, calendar, and activity books, a squishy human body toy, books, clothes, and other toys. Nov2027Happy 5 years old, Silas Clark! You are Mommy and Daddy’s treasure.Nov2015


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  1. Happy birthday, Silas! Who knew you’d have to deal with cold weather for his birthday party! I’m glad it went well despite the wind 🙂 And those snap circuts are so fun! I got to play with them during a training for work a few months ago.

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