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Just Some Happenings

I’ve been thinking of a couple blog posts I could write but just haven’t felt motivated to do it. So, here I am just catching you up on the exciting news that is our daily life.March1002 I think the less structured the post is, the more chance I have of actually finishing it today.March1003

The other weekend, Stephen’s company was moving offices, so the boys and I were on our own for the day. We went to a friend’s Toy Story themed birthday party at a new park we had never visited. It was a huge bash with a cookout, pinata, and cupcakes.March1006March1007

A local library was hosting a Firetruck Story Time led by the firefighters. Afterwards we walked to the fire station to see the firetruck and equipment and tour the firehouse. Each of the boys got a Junior Firefighter sticker and helmet. March1008The fire chief pointed out that when a fireman comes to rescue people from a burning building, he will sound funny since he’s breathing through a mask. But, even though he might look like Darth Vader, kids don’t need to be scared of him since he’s there to help. I thought that was an excellent thing to point out to the kids. I had never thought about it, but I’m sure a child caught in a burning building will already be so traumatized that seeing a funny looking person in a mask might add to their fright. They might try to get away from the fireman instead of letting him help.March1009

We checked out some books from our Goodyear library the other week. Cooper loved looking at this Knowledge Encyclopedia with all of its engaging pictures. March1005By the way, look closely at Cooper’s left foot in this picture. See how he’s crossing his second toe under the others? Silas, Stephen, and Cooper can all articulate their toes like that, and I definitely can’t! It must be a genetic trait. Can you cross your toes? I didn’t even know that it was possible to do until I married Stephen. Must be in the Moody genes.March1004

Two Saturdays ago I attended a Women4Truth conference over in Chandler. Elyse Fitzpatrick was the speaker, and I so wanted to hear her since I’ve read a couple of her books. She spoke about her new book entitled Good News for Weary Women. It was refreshing! I went by myself, and not only made new friends, but also met a girl whose blog I read. I recognized her from the pictures on her blog, but didn’t expect to randomly bump into her. So fun to meet a fellow blogger from Phoenix who is also due the day after me!

Baby Girl and I had our 26 week appointment last Thursday. I’m measuring perfectly according to the doctor, but I feel like my baby bump is already so big! Baby Sister is kicking and squirming a lot and is still nameless as of right now. We’re working on it. (I also need to take more baby bump pics. For now, here’s one of Silas as a little old man.)March1001

We drove over to Globe, AZ this past Saturday to see our friends, Yesenia and Jason. Jason pastors Central Heights Baptist Church, and we wanted to see their place of ministry and explore a new area. The drive to Globe was beautiful as we passed through the mountains and saw so many cool rock formations. We felt like we were touring the entire US on a small scale as we drove. Globe itself was the Arizona twin of West Virginia. It looked like the desert version of Clarksburg, WV. The small, multi-level homes stuck on the sides of the mountains, the curved bridge in the center of town, the bricks, stones, and varied architectural styles, and the mining industry all contributed to the West Virginia feel of the place. We had a fabulous time catching up with Yesenia and Jason. March2010There was so much to talk about that we hardly stopped for a breath! There’s nothing like connecting with friends over faith, ministry, and gospel-living.

3 thoughts on “Just Some Happenings

  1. For the record, yes I can cross my toes 🙂 However, Chuck is very proud of his “well defined pinky toe.” His toes are practically as useful as fingers when it comes to picking things up. I say he can keep his well defined pinky toe, I’m content with cute toes that don’t do much other than help me keep my balance!

  2. The everyday happenings are wonderful blog posts especially with distance between family. And I thought everyone could cross their toes !

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