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A Cowboy Valentine’s Trip

Tombstone, AZ was our destination for a day trip as we stepped back in time for some cowboy history on Valentine’s Day. February4003February4004Tombstone was impressive since so much detailed history is known and preserved. We walked along the boardwalk with our two little sheriffs. February6001At the OK Corral we learned about the famous shootout and the story of Tombstone.February6002February4001February6004 Then we watched a gunfight in the street before taking a trolley tour around town.February4002 On the tour we saw Wyatt Earp’s house, the original county courthouse, and Boothill Graveyard which we later went back to explore on our own. Most of the graves were marked “Unknown,” but there were some interesting epitaphs too. February4005February5001

My valentines were so handsome at dinner that I couldn’t resist a picture. February4007Though it was an unconventional way to spend Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing like being with the people I love most!February6003February6005

2 thoughts on “A Cowboy Valentine’s Trip

  1. You sure do have handsome valentines. They are awfully lucky to have you as their valentine too 🙂 Looks like a great trip!

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