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A Four Year Old’s Perspective

Now that Silas is four, he tells me stories about “when [he] was a little boy–when [he] was three and a half.” His questions are plentiful, and it’s fun to see him sort out his world. Silas is very quick to share what he’s learned with Cooper, instructing him on how life works.February1002

Here are just a few glimpses into the mind of S-I-L-A-S.

At a restaurant, the server commented on how the boys’ ice cream was “letting Mommy and Daddy enjoy their meal in peace.” When the server left, Silas asked, “How did she know your names?”

After pulling into the garage one night, I was very tired and sat in the car. Stephen teased and told me to go in the house. I teased back, “Yes, Father!” Silas quickly said, “He’s not your father, he’s your daddy!”February1001

While coloring at the kitchen island, I overheard Silas offer his coloring picture to Cooper. Cooper yelled, “NO!” Then, in a sincere attempt to be kind to his brother, Silas came back with, “This picture isn’t very cool, and you like things that aren’t very cool, so you can have this picture!”February1003

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