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The 50 Yard Line

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, this blog title seemed appropriate. Baby Girl and I are halfway through this pregnancy. We hit the 20 week mark this past Friday!January4001

Our kind friends are already beginning to shower us with pink outfits for our little girl. I think the clothes have helped Cooper realize that a baby really is coming. He kept finding the girl onesies and bringing them to me saying, “Baby has clothes! Baby has clothes!”January4002

On Sunday a friend surprised me with four boxes of second-hand baby girl clothes. Some of them are brand new and still have the tags on them. Wow! God uses all sorts of means to provide for us.January4003

I’m dreaming of a nursery that’s aqua & yellow with coral accents. We’ll see how much of that actually happens.January400420 weeks down, 20 to go.

1 thought on “The 50 Yard Line

  1. 20 weeks already!! I realized this morning I have 15 left to go and had a little moment of panic 😉 Love you cousin!

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