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New Door

Have you ever heard of a “security door”? I hadn’t until we moved to Arizona.march2003

Homes here in the desert don’t have storm doors. Instead, security doors are the popular choice. They’re doors made of metal mesh with decorative, yet secure bars that make your home just a bit more burglar-proof.march2002

This year we finally had one installed. Now I can open our front door to let the lovely March breezes in. It’s also nice to be able to talk to solicitors without having to open the security door, and that makes me feel safer. The model we chose has to be unlocked with a key from either the inside or the outside. Not only does it make it harder for someone to break in, but it makes it harder for little boys to escape the house!march2001march2004

As you can see from our tree in the front yard, it is now spring here in Goodyear. I’ve been teaching Silas about weather recently, and it’s quite an easy lesson since almost all of our days are sunny.

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