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The Gift of Family

Silas was at his babysitter’s house last week. Connie was talking with Silas about the baseball on his shirt. Then she asked if he had been to a game at the ballpark. Silas replied, “Yes, I went to the ballpark, but that was before I had kids.”

Too funny! I’m guessing he was remembering an earlier conversation he had with Stephen. Silas had asked if Stephen had played tennis. Stephen said, “Yes, before I had kids.” So, perhaps Silas thinks sports are activities you do before having children?march1003

Cooper now gives hugs upon request. He leans his head on ours, wraps his arms around our necks, and says, “Aww!”march1001

Yesterday the boys and I colored a banner, of sorts, for a surprise for Stephen when he arrived home. It says, “Thank you for working so hard. We love you, Daddy.” Stephen worked on Saturday, and then left extra early Monday morning. I’m so thankful for a man who diligently provides for his family.march1008march1007

After supper, we built a fort out of couch cushions. Stephen and Silas were shooting nerf darts, march1005and Cooper was having a blast climbing in and out of the fort! march1004It’s a lot of fun to pretend play with these two little munchkins.march1006

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