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The Extraordinary of the Ordinary

These three men of mine are God’s gracious gifts to me. I want to remember the extraordinary preciousness of the ordinary days we spend together. While these pictures aren’t the best quality, they tell the story of our daily lives–which is one of my favorite stories ever.

I captured this three-way hug one night when Stephen came home from work. He’s a man in high demand the minute he walks through the door with both boys and I wanting to hug and kiss the one we’ve been missing all day!

dec2007dec2014We took the boys to the park the other evening. Cooper wants to run and play with Daddy and Silas.

Silas’s imagination has taken off! I’ll hear him making his toys talk and talking back to them. One night he asked his Spiderman, “Do you have a sidekick?” Spiderman replied, “Yes, I kick like this!” dec2002dec2004My little superheroes each have their own theme song that we sing. After I said, “Batman!” to Coop, he repeated, “Dat-da!” I like to think he knew what he was saying.dec2006dec2011

Silas is already outgrowing his Superman jammies that he got last month for his birthday. He’s grown a whole inch in just one month!dec2012Cooper really cheeses it up for the camera. These little cutie pa-tooties are the treasures of my heart!dec2008dec2010dec2001


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