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The Velvet Bowling Ball

Cooper, you are my darling. You love to snuggle with Mommy, and I’m so happy to have a cuddlebug! Your chubby cheeks and squishable tummy make my day. You walk all over the place, and walking is now your default mode of transportationOctober6001

We call your head the “velvet bowling ball.” When Daddy comes to your nursery to help you sleep at night, you dive into your bed because you know Daddy’s going to rub your head, and you absolutely LOVE it!October6004

You’ve been flashing your cheesy grin by smiling for all you’re worth while squinting your eyes and crinkling your nose. You wave bye bye all the time and have discovered that squealing is a super fun way to communicate.October6005Cooper Andrew, you’re nearly one, but for now, we’re happy you’re still zero. Happy 11 months!October6002


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  1. Oh those smiles!! He’s so big! I feel like 11 months for Paige is so far away but I know I’ll blink and it will be here!

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