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Formal Dinner

Every Tuesday Stephen heads downtown to the office of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC). GPEC is one of GreenLoop’s clients, and Stephen is scheduled to manage their IT needs on a weekly basis, so he’s been able to get to know the GPEC employees.

When GPEC announced its annual dinner, GreenLoop offered to pay for both Stephen and me to attend. I was so excited! We lined up a babysitter for the evening, and I even bought a new dress for the occasion.image002

The night before the big dinner, Silas came down with a fever, which left us wondering if we were going to be able to make it to the dinner. Thankfully, we were able to find another babysitter who was able to care for our sick little guy since she didn’t have any small children that could catch the infection. So thankful for gracious friends!

My handsome date drove me over to the Montelucia Resort in Paradise Valley. The mountains were beautiful in the late evening sun with the moon rising large above the red rocks.

Once inside, it was fun to meet the GPEC employees Stephen works with. They kept telling me how much they love Stephen and how amazing he is. Of course I knew that already, but I loved hearing them sing his praises.gpec

We stopped by the photo booth for a cheesy picture, found our way through the crowd, and took our seats in the huge dining room. The delicious steak dinner began with a salad and ended with a chocolate mousse.October4002

GPEC presented two awards, and one of them was to Goodyear’s mayor, Georgia Lord. After several speeches and lots of applause, the night ended with a comedic performance.

What a fun, new experience for both of us!

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