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Visit to the “Zee-um”

This past Saturday was Museum Day, an annual event where museums all over the country offer free admission.Sept3007Sept3011

Stephen and I took advantage of this free event back in 2009 during our unemployment stage of life, so when my friend Kristy suggested we pick out a museum and go together, I was totally up for it!Sept3012

We decided on the AZ Museum for Youth way over in Mesa. It was perfect for our little guys! The museum was divided into two sections, ArtVille and ArtZone. ArtVille was filled with various play stations for babies and toddlers–kitchen, garden, dress-up theater, reading room, over-sized plush building blocks, baby zone. Sept3002Sept3003Sept3005Sept3006Silas loved drawing on the giant whiteboard, but mainly he loved erasing what everyone else had drawn. Sept3008When I asked him what he was drawing here, he said, “It’s just blue.” 🙂 Sept3010Cooper eventually took to the play space and gnawed on whatever toy he could grab.Sept3009

ArtZone focused more on specific types of arts and crafts. Cooper liked playing the giant piano, built like the one Schroeder plays in the Peanuts comic strip.4September 047 Sept3013The enormous Lite Brite toy was a hit too.Sept3015Fun place to hang out with little dudes!

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