baby, cooper


I catch his eye, and he stares lovingly at me. This babe of ours is seven months today.June4001

Cooper Andrew is so very squeezable with his round, chubby cheeks and his two little Christmas hams for thighs. June3001He got his yearly quota of kisses from his aunts and grandparents who were here visiting for the past two weeks.

With Grandma as his cheerleader, Cooper began to army crawl this week! My life will never be the same, I’m sure.June3008

Now the mini Cooper has two teeth on his bottom gum, and he’s perfected the art of spitting food. His motorboat mouth makes mealtime a messy affair.June3004

Cooper studies things, studies people. His brow furrows in concentration when engaged in play. It takes a bit for him to warm up to people–he needs a little time to study them first.June4002

He’s a happy guy (except for supper time) and has a wry little smile that makes him look like he’s in on it (whatever “it” is).June3007

Cooper adores all of us, and we adore him! Happy 7 months, Cooper Dooper!June3006

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