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Mini Roadtrip

St. George, Utah will always be my special place. My own personal greenhouse where I grew into womanhood. I learned to love in new ways, to explore with abandon, to spread my wings, to soar.

My first year out of college I took a teaching position at Westside Christian School and formed precious friendships with the people there. June2021One of my former students, Blair, was married at Westside Baptist on June 8th, and we drove up for the wedding and weekend.June2022

The drive through Arizona took us along historic Route 66 in Kingman, AZ. June2004June2026Someday we’d love to take a road trip to explore Route 66.June2005

Pastor Greg Wright and his wife Merri Ellen invited us to stay in the basement apartment of their beautiful desert home, and Stephen and I loved catching up, sharing our hearts, and learning from their wisdom.June2025

I had forgotten just how gorgeous St. George is. The red cliffs, the black lava fields and cinder cones sit in stunning contrast to the blue sky and green trees–yes, trees!June2023June2024June2013June2014

We discovered a little water park downtown that was perfect for Silas June2010and grabbed dinner at the Pizza Factory. There’s nothing like Pizza Factory parmesan bread twists.June2011June2012

As we drove around the area to soak in the scenery, we passed the cinder cone I had climbed with my then roommate, Tara, back in 2006. June2016See that vertical rock slide on the side of the mountain? June2017That’s the trail we hiked. It was insane! Good times.

Blair & Brad’s wedding and reception was beautiful. June2018Seven summers ago Blair had played her violin for my wedding, so I was glad to come celebrate her special day with her. I loved seeing old friends and showing off Cooper and Silas.

Visits with dear friends, a dip in the pool, a look at the Hoover Dam on our way home, and supper at a Vietnamese restaurant rounded out our trip.June2019June2020June2006

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