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Easy Paper Heart Garland

Maybe you’re like me and have been thinking about Valentine’s Day ideas for weeks. I know I need to plan way in advance if I’m wanting to make the day special. Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that sneaks up on me at the last minute, and this year I have three valentines to love!

I was searching my favorite date-night-idea blog, Friday We’re In Love, and came across a picture of a paper heart garland. {Btw, this blog is amazing because the couple that writes it lives here in Phoenix, so their ideas are ones we can actually do!} While there wasn’t a tutorial to go along with the picture, I thought it would be easy enough to figure out on my own. Mine didn’t turn out exactly like theirs, but it’s super easy.

  1. Cut strips of colored paper.
  2. Fold one strip in half. Staple the fold and then form a heart with the loose ends.
  3. Take a second strip of paper and fold it in half. Place the bottom of the first heart in the fold of the second heart and staple.
  4. Fold a third strip of paper in half. Form a heart with the second strip of paper, place the bottom of the second heart in the fold of the third heart and staple.
  5. Continue making hearts until the chain is the desired length. To finish it off, form a heart with the loose ends and staple.

Happy Valentine’s Day decorating!

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