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Toddler-Friendly Dentistry

Silas had his second ever dentist appointment this morning. Our dentist’s office is super fun! I’ve never been a pediatric dentist office before this one, and I had no idea that a trip to the dentist could  be a wonderland for kids. Hilgers Pediatric Dentistry thought of everything when creating an office that would make kids love going to the dentist.

The waiting area has a huge artificial tree in the center with branches, birds and vines covering the ceiling. The office is decorated in a pirate theme with nautical and tropical touches everywhere. They have arcade games, video games, and a movie playing in the waiting area.

Back where the hygienist cleans your teeth, the room is decorated with clouds floating above the chairs. Each child chair has a TV on the ceiling so kids can watch a movie while the hygienist works. They even put sunglasses on Silas during his first visit so the bright light wouldn’t hurt his eyes! 

Silas laid still for the cleaning and the oral exam. He left with a balloon, a new toothbrush, and two prizes (he got an extra prize since he wore his Hilgers t-shirt). And mommy was happy to hear he has no cavities.

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