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Sit Still and See

The beautiful thing about nursing a newborn is that it forces me to sit down and open my eyes so I can truly see my babies. Just mentioning the phrase “living in the moment” can make any mommy feel a weight of guilt. After all, a mommy can’t sit around the house all day “living in the moment” while neglecting real life or her own personhood. Mommies are people too, who need time for themselves here and there, and who have lots of work to do.

But, taking time to sit on the couch every two hours and cuddle Cooper also helps me to truly see Silas for the smart, adorable two year old that he is. I watch his furrowed brow as he struggles with a task difficult for a toddler. I hear him mutter, “Come on!” under his breath just like his daddy does. The curves of Silas’s cheeks and nose are imprinted on my heart again and again as I sit still and SEE him.

1 thought on “Sit Still and See

  1. Love this 🙂 Earlier this week Chuck and I were in NYC, at one point it seemed like every car was blowing it’s horn-Chuck said “Hey, it’s like Vroom Beep Beep!!”

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