25 Weeks

I haven’t written as much about this pregnancy as my first. I suppose it’s always that way. Firstborns are special because they’re your first. But I want to remember what it’s like to be pregnant for a second time. I want to treasure this baby just as I did/do treasure Silas. 

This pregnancy seems harder than last time. Perhaps it’s because I’m not working, so I don’t have my job to take my mind off how I’m feeling. On the other hand, I have a lot more to do at home in caring for Silas. The morning sickness lasted until I was about 17 week along, which was longer than last time. Because I was so nauseous for so long, I would eat whatever sounded good to me or whatever I thought might bring relief from the nausea. 

Now, in this second half of the pregnancy, I’m really watching what I eat and I’ve begun to exercise. I’ve never had a regular exercise routine, and I’m guessing that starting one during pregnancy may not be the easiest way to go. However, I do have a lot more motivation to exercise consistently. I try to get on the elliptical for 20 minutes 5 days a week. That elliptical has been a good investment! There’s no way I would’ve gotten any exercise without it. It’s just too hot to walk outside, and the nearest mall is half an hour away.

Baby has been kicking for a while now, but Stephen was able to feel him for the first time on our anniversary. I’m nearly 6 months along now. Silas is a little confused as he seems to think both he and Daddy have babies in their bellies too!


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