Spiral-Cut Hot Dogs

How do you like your dogs? Have you ever tried cutting them in a spiral before grilling? A while ago Stephen sent me this video tutorial that shows just how easy it is to do. So, I thought we could try it this past weekend. It was a cool experiment!

First, skewer the hot dog right down the center. The skewer keeps the knife from cutting too far. Then, simply cut right down to the skewer while rolling the hot dog to cut in a spiral. Stephen found it a little easier to use the knife to roll the hot dog rather than rolling the hot dog with one hand and cutting with the other.

As the video shows, there are good reasons to spiral cut your hot dogs:

  1. The hot dog cooks evenly and straight
  2. The hot dog has more surface area to be carmelized by grilling
  3. The hot dog fills the bun better
  4. The hot dog holds the toppings better
  5. It’s cool!

And, I would add #6: Kids will think it’s super fun to eat (Silas did).

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